Here’s one of the best credit cards on the market

How about a credit card that gives you up to 5 percent off at any one of Gochan’s domestic stores, a 2 percent discount on Gochan gas stations, and a 1 percent refund on every purchase, plus a 3-month refund of your purchases? Well, not only does this credit card exist, but it also comes with additional surprises and, in a unique way, it can be claimed online in 10 minutes.


Unique shopping discounts

credit cards

Many overdraft-related credit cards and many credit cards offer discounts on card purchases, but among these, a 5 percent discount is very rare and not permanent. Gochan Shopping Card, which is not the same as a Trust Card issued to Gochan’s regular customers, offers a 5 percent discount on every Thursday purchase at any one of Gochan’s domestic stores, regardless of what the cardholder purchased. This means that the discount also applies to the promotional items. The discount will be credited to the customer at the next month’s closing.

In addition, not only on Thursday, but every day there is a 5 percent discount on Gochan red logo branded products, and this discount is immediate so you don’t have to pay at the checkout anymore.

Finally, at the end of the month following the purchase, the Gochan Shopping Card Bonus will receive a 2 percent refund on each Gochan Shopping Card purchase made at the Gochan Gas Station and 1 percent after each purchase at any other outlet.


Interest-free for up to 3 months

Interest-free for up to 3 months

However, the discounts are not over yet! Like any other credit card, the cardholder will not pay interest on purchases made with the Gochan Shopping Card from the date of purchase to the repayment term (maximum of 40 days free of interest), provided that you repay your entire debt by the due date. However, you can also delay the interest-free repayment of any of your Gochan store purchases by choosing the Plus3 option at checkout and paying back your purchase amount in 3 monthly, interest-free installments.This option is available if the total purchase price is between $ 100 and $ 100.

The cardholder can use a similar option for all purchases outside Gochan’s stores: Within 24 hours of making a purchase, they can convert any of their purchases of at least $ 30,000 into a fixed-term installment at a call center, which is more favorable compared to the Gochan back.


Spend it in the usual places

Spend it in the usual places

In addition to its special features, the Gochan Shopping Card is as much a credit card as any other bank. It can also be used as a touch card, which means you can pay with a single tap at the ready-to-use payment points (in Hungary you can pay by touch at every third bank card accepting point.) Just like with other touch cards, you can also pay with Gochan PIN (but still touch). The card can be used at any MasterCard outlet in the world and worldwide, and is always free of charge. In addition to the purchase, of course, the card can be used for cash withdrawals at any domestic or foreign ATM, cashier or post office where the MasterCard branding is indicated. The cash withdrawal fee is 3 percent of the transaction amount in Hungary, but at least $ 650.


You can apply now for $ 0 for your first year, up to 10 minutes!

You can apply now for $ 0 for your first year, up to 10 minutes!

The Gochan Shopping Card can be claimed online in 10 minutes. Thereafter, the claimant will only need to present his or her personal documents and certificates at the selected Gochan store and sign the contract.

Not only is the application free of charge, but it is completely risk-free as the first year’s card fee is absolutely free (from the second year the annual fee is $ 3,300) and the application itself does not entail any obligation, since any payment of the card

Online Payday Loan

An online payday loan will give you quick access to money. Not having enough funds in your account to cover your expenses can be frustrating. Instead of delaying the necessary repair of your vehicle or paying your arrears and overheads, use a loan online. Our services are available throughout Croatia, so think carefully and let us know when you decide to help.

There are many reasons for a loan online

There are many reasons for a loan online

This loan is ideal if you have temporary problems with money. There are several ways to get cash in an emergency. You have the option of using credit cards, borrowing money from relatives or seeking a quick loan online. The latter is an option that is also the fastest, most discreet and does not require you to spend your time. If you do not have cards, friends who will lend you money or your bank declines you, you can always rely on our services. Money Loan is a fully tested and secure service-

Online payday loan within 15 minutes of delivery of the signed documentation

Online loan within 15 minutes of delivery of the signed documentation

Internet business enables us to process all your data in a relatively short time, which is why our payment is fast and efficient. You can apply for a loan with only the basic documentation, without notarized or certified by your employer.

Why a loan with us?

We are a company with years of experience in financing across Europe. We are part of the Ferratum Group, a leading provider of financial mobile services in the EU and worldwide. We have over 2,000,000 satisfied customers, to whom we offer discreet and easily accessible online payday loans through mobile devices.

Loan online in dollar

Loan online in dollar

Short-term service gives you the opportunity to change your life for the better and one day repay the debts you have. Even online retirees are approved, so please contact us if you need money urgently. Whether you are creditworthy or not you do not have to be scared because the minimum conditions we set for you are different from those at the bank.

You can request an internet loan from your computer, tablet or smartphone in just a few minutes. Don’t let the cost and lack of money affect your life. Holes in the budget often lead people to a bad mood, which in the end causes unnecessary strife and bad mood. Treat yourself to whatever you want, go on vacation, renovate your room, repair your vehicle, or buy new home appliances. Knowing that you have to rely on now makes it even easier to plan.

Online payday loan is just one of our services. With years of experience and working with finance, we have developed a wide variety of products that can help you in a financially disadvantaged situation.
Contact us with confidence and see why we are so good. Our services are proven and secure, validated by thousands of users from the EU and the world. Two minutes to apply, 15 minutes to pay off the loan. Do not tap in the dark but contact us until it is too late.

4 ways millennials can start saving

This is what happens to many millennials – who were born between the end of the 80s and the mid-1990s – since one of the trends is to live experiences and not stick to property or things, which has somehow caused that the saving is also set aside.

But whether you are looking to buy a new car or go on a trip, saving is essential to achieve those goals

But whether you are looking to buy a new car or go on a trip, saving is essential to achieve those goals

So, if you are a millennial and you wonder how you can start saving a part of your fortnight when the money seems not to reach, consider these tips:

1. Analyze your habits and correct them 

credit loan

To begin it is necessary to have an adequate order. Do you know how much you spend on your monthly expenses? Preparing a budget is essential to lead to savings. The idea of ​​the budget is also to identify where our money is going and what we can correct.

2. Do not eliminate, dose 

credit loan

The idea is not to eliminate all expenses that are not mandatory, that is, the tastes and whims. If you cut everything at once, it will be more difficult for the habit of saving to stay longer, because you will feel deprived. Ideally, choose to reduce them. For example, if you buy a coffee every day, choose to do it only 3 times a week; The same goes for lunches outside the office, taxis, etc.

3. Search for new options 

credit loan

Information is key to finding new proposals and saving. Do not cling to a single clothing brand, to the same places to go out to eat, etc. The more alternatives you look for, you can find better prices.

4. Use the technology 

Did you know that buying online is much cheaper than buying in store? Similarly, there are many apps that grant discounts to users or online coupons that allow you to go to places with a low budget, leaving more for savings.

Finally, do not leave the money you save in your bank account, as you will be tempted to spend it. Compare the different options and open an account in a bank that does not charge you maintenance and also pays you interest for the money deposited. To find the ideal alternative, you can use web comparators such as Wolfdietrich’s.

What are the common terms and conditions that apply to mortgages? – Loans

As we have mentioned many other times here on the site, mortgages are a very large loan that will have a significant impact on the private economy. Since it is such a large loan, it is extra important to keep track of all the terms and conditions that apply to the loan.

The lender will always give you the opportunity to read through the terms before signing any paper so you never have to worry about it. Furthermore, there are always the terms and conditions for the lenders’ mortgages posted on their websites where they can be read at your own discretion.

But to give you a little basic overview, here are some things that are included in the terms. The exact design can, of course, then vary between the different lenders, but usually it is relatively the same.

Basic requirements


The basic requirements set by lenders are often divided into two different parts. These are personal requirements and then on safety.

Personal requirements

The lenders do not lend money to be kind, but they do this to make money, which is pretty obvious. Therefore, they set certain requirements that a borrower must meet in order for them to consider lending money. First, anyone who wants to take out a mortgage must be of legal age. This is a requirement that always applies to all types of loans. Furthermore, one should normally be a Swedish citizen and have an income that is considered sufficient.

What is a sufficiently large income cannot be said in advance as it is very much about how much the housing costs. They say for themselves that a person who wants to borrow USD 3 million needs to have a higher income than someone who wants to borrow USD 500,000.

Most often, a potential lender may not have any active payment notes. However, this is something you can get around when it comes to mortgages. On the one hand, there are lenders that target people with slightly worse finances, and then it is also possible to borrow from the big banks. Then it really is important to have a good economy so that they feel secure. Then it should be said that even with those who target people with poorer finances, there is no guarantee that an application will be approved without a credit check, as always be done.

Safety requirements

The property that is purchased must be used as collateral for the mortgage loan, which means that the lender is entitled to this. For example, the home must be worthy enough for them to agree to have it as collateral for the loan. Furthermore, demands can be made on the condition of the dwelling itself, etc.

Mortgage repayment


A loan must always be repaid, even though it often happens for a very long time when it comes to mortgages. It is not uncommon for a mortgage loan to be repaid in 50 – 60 years. However, in order to get such a long repayment period, the borrower must be quite young. Sometimes the lenders can also agree that the borrower does not repay anything at all on the loan. This gives even lower monthly costs, but at the same time the loan becomes totally more expensive.

Divide the loan


Although a mortgage is a loan, it can be divided into several different parts. And then we are not talking about top and bottom loans. Without the mortgage, which is the part of the loan for which the home is collateral can also be divided. It is possible to divide the loan in principle as you would with different lengths of bonding times.

Interest rates

Interest rates

How high the interest rate on a loan becomes depends on the market situation at the moment and then how one chooses when it comes to bonding times. In general, it can be said that longer bonding time means higher interest rates than a short bonding time. However, this is generally why it can sometimes be cheaper with longer maturities. Otherwise, the great advantage of long maturity is that it is safer as the interest rate will not change regardless of what happens during the term of the bond. While mobile then more likely to be cheaper.



Before you sign any loan paper, it is important to know exactly what applies with different fees. For example, there may be setup fees for a loan (often negotiable) or other fees. Furthermore, one should keep track of what happens if a refund is delayed. Not because something like this is planned, but it is good to be prepared anyway.

Borrow for cash on house purchase

How should you deal with all these uncertainties that surround a house purchase? How can you know in advance that you will get the amounts required from you? Of course you cannot, but there are solutions that you may be able to use to make sure you get the deal in port. One of these solutions is to take a private loan.

Private loans for house purchases


A private loan is normally used to finance consumption. It can be anything. It can be travel, clothes, boats, beauty, small sums and more. When you say consumption, you don’t think about home buying. This is because a house purchase is only consumption in a really long perspective and only if you do not upgrade the house. If you fail to maintain the house you will eventually have consumed it and the house must be demolished or it has collapsed by itself. However, we do not act like this and therefore it is tricky to find out how to consume a house. Therefore, we usually classify a house as real estate and not consumption.

We do not normally take private loans for real estate purchases. But we do not take cheap loans to buy real estate here because the house will not constitute collateral for the loan. We have a private loan to compensate for our lack of savings capital. Simply put, we take the private loan to be able to buy the house we want and that’s it.

How does a private loan work?

How does a private loan work?

A private loan is just as it does a private loan. You can take out a private loan of just a few thousand dollars all the way up to over half a million. What you need to be able to take out a private loan is a fixed income, you must not have too large existing debts and normally you should not have too large existing debts.

When applying for a private loan, you must provide your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, social security number and your bank account number. You should also fill in the amount you are interested in borrowing and the amount of time you want the loan. What happens next is that the bank or credit institution makes a credit report on you. The credit information is made immediately by a computer and it is also the computer that makes the decision whether or not to get the loan. You will therefore be notified immediately if you get your loan or not. If you receive a positive message, the money will then be paid to your bank account immediately after you have received the loan.

Interest on private loans


The interest rate on private loans is divided into two parts. It is the nominal interest rate and the effective interest rate.

The nominal interest rate is set by the Good Finance Bank based on the assessments of the world economy that the bank makes. It is the Good Finance Bank’s assessment of Sweden’s economic outlook that makes how much interest you are paid. Good prospects often give a higher interest rate and poorer prospects give a lower interest rate. The nominal interest rate is really nothing more than a price of money. You will have to pay the nominal interest rate each month for the duration of the loan.

Before we talk about the second interest rate, the effective interest rate, let us briefly talk about the charges that come on private loans. These so-called administrative fees are actually most yet another way for the lender to make money. The administrative fees are mostly charged for things like newspapers and more, which are really entirely and kept by computers. But that you will still have to pay administrative fees is absolutely certain. These fees are often the same no matter how much you borrowed, which means that the fees portion of your total costs is quite high when you borrow less amount.

The nominal interest rates and the administrative fees together are the total cost you will have for your loan. This cost is called the effective interest rate. This is the effective interest rate you should use to compare different loans with each other when choosing credit institutions.

Mortgages on private loans

Mortgages on private loans

When you take out a private loan, you do it over a certain period of time. This means that you have a certain number of months or years to repay the loan. Thus, the entire loan should be divided into the total number of months you borrow. The amount you receive then is your monthly repayment.

Previously, it was common for loans to be amortization free. This situation has changed now that the Good Finance Bank has tightened the financial market in Sweden. The authorities are very afraid that the Swedes will be overpaid, so they have introduced stricter repayment requirements. So now you will definitely be able to pay off your loan completely during the time you took out the loan.